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[Translation] Koyama Keiichiro in TV GUIDE Alpha EPISODE II


To celebrate Koyama's 20th anniversary of joining Johnny's, we'd like to share the translation of TV GUIDE Alpha EPISODE II where Koyama was featured on the cover. It has been released in September last year so several parts may not up to date (just a little though). We haven't seen anyone translate this interview so we'd like to share it because it's a nice interview that showed Koyama's current thoughts about himself, NEWS, and his individual job.

Check out the translation here

Short summary for this interview: Koyama talked about Barairo Dandy, things that lighten his heart, his thought about the current NEWS as well as about Masuda and Kato, and how he wants to live just the way he is in his own ideal image.

Hope you enjoy it!

Tags: *member: koyama keiichiro, translations: magazine article

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