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Alternate Nominated for the 42nd Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Award for Newcomers

It was announced on February 2nd that Shige’s latest novel “Alternate” has been nominated for the 42nd Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Award for Newcomers. This is the third major nomination “Alternate” has received following the Naoki Prize and then the Japan Booksellers' Award. “Alternate” did not end up winning the Naoki Prize, which went to “Urasabishigawa” by Saijo Naka.

Shige commented, “I’m overcome with both surprise and joy at the same time with this unexpected announcement, and I’m enjoying this feeling of grateful confusion. [...] I'm taking this as encouragement towards my writing, and I plan to prepare myself to tackle my next work.”

The winner of the award will be announced on March 2nd. All the nominees are:

“Yogoreta Te wo Soko de Fukanai” by Ashizawa Yo

“Alternate” by Kato Shigeaki

“Aisarenakutemo Betsu ni” by Takeda Ayano

“Ju no Wa wo Kuguru” by Tsujido Yume

“Mizu wo Nuu” by Terachi Haruna

“Taitan” by Nozaki Mado

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