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Some Recent Updates

Sharing some recent updates!


  • Following the extension of the State of Emergency from Mar 7th to Mar 21st for Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba, the Hokkaido shows were cancelled (Source).

  • More details on the live stream have been released earlier this month. The stream will begin from 5:30pm JST on May 23rd, with tickets priced at JPY 4,500 for NEWS FC members, JPY 5,000 for other JFC members, and JPY 5,500 for the public. Further details regarding the ticket sales will be announced in late April (Source).

Hanyo no Yashahime

  • The anime is currently holding a series of collaboration campaigns with NEWS. The first one, which has ended, had users choose the correct lyrics to fill in the blanks on Twitter. The current campaign has a hidden image on the campaign page, and users are encouraged to help "unveil" the image. To participate, 1) follow the official account; 2) Tweet a message of encouragement to NEWS and the yashahimes using the hashtag #NEWSと夜叉姫に届け. The image is currently 80% unveiled, so do participate in the campaign if you can to help unveil the full image!

Modern Boys (Shige)

  • A 30-second trailer for the play was released earlier this week. Watch it on Twitter or YouTube.

  • A short interview with Shige about the play was posted last month. Also watch it Twitter or YouTube.

  • The flier for the play has been uploaded onto the official website, and the PDF version is available for download here.

Sen, shoku (Shige)

  • The visuals for the play has been updated on the official website. There is this cool ripple effect when you move your mouse around on the website, so do go check it out when you have time.

  • Dates for the shows have also been released, and FC members can log in from now till Mar 19th 12:00 JST to ballot for the tickets.

For their regular TV/radio appearances and more, please check our calendar here.
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