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Koyama to be a regular on MBS programme "Yonchan TV"

It was announced on Mar 22nd that Koyama will be a Monday regular for an all new infotainment programme, “Yonchan TV” on MBS. The programme will begin on Mar 29th, and will be taking the 3:40pm - 7:00pm timeslot. Koyama will be appearing twice a month on Mondays. Comedians Milkboy were also announced to be Monday regulars alongside Koyama. Yabu (Hey! Say! JUMP) will also be appearing on the programme, but as a Thursday regular. “Yonchan TV” is a programme that will be available only in the Kansai region.

Koyama’s comments:
I am not that familiar with the information for the Kansai region since I’m living in Tokyo. As this is an infotainment programme, it will probably be focussing on the Kansai aspect of what is currently happening in Japan. Through this programme, I hope to be able to properly learn about the current situation in Japan from the Kansai point of view, and then convey the information to everyone through my own words. It is also one of my goals to be able to conduct interviews in the Kansai region someday for the programme, and then convey the situation to everyone through my perspective.

Yabu, someone close to me, is also going to be part of the “Yonchan family”. I definitely want to hold meetings with Yabu to strategize how we can add value to the programme as part of the Johnny’s family. I’m looking forward to sharing the “now” with everyone through the live telecasts.

- - -

It is unclear from the information available at the moment if his appearances will be on a fortnightly basis or not, but as Koyama mentioned in Mar 22nd’s KEIICHIRO, he will be appearing on the first episode of the programme on Mar 29th. We will also update our calendar whenever we are able to obtain reliable information on his appearances.

Sources: Oricon, TV Life
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