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[Project] Koyama's 37th Birthday Fanletter Project

“For being able to be by my side right now, thank you!”
(NEWS - Happy Birthday)

Koyama’s 37th birthday is coming! In current condition, sending fanletters to JFC may be difficult for some countries. That’s why, we’d like to gather everyone’s birthday wishes to Koyama through this project!

Please check the details below:

  • Convey your feelings in your letter, and don’t forget to mention your country. Letter in Japanese is recommended but English is also okay as long as your feelings reach him! Don’t worry, we won’t read your letter ^^

  • Feel free to decorate your letter. You can also use our template and icon here (please use it for this project only).

  • Handwritten letter is also great! Please make sure that it’s scanned clearly.

  • Convert your letter to PDF format.

  • Send your letter as an attachment to koyarhapsody@gmail.com with “Koyama’s 37th Birthday Fanletter Project” as the subject. Also, please include your name and country in the body text.

  • Send it on or before April 25th (Sunday) at 23:59 JST.

  • We will forward the letters to From the World to Johnny's for sending them to Johnny’s Family Club.

  • Feel free to contact us on the same email address or Twitter account for any question.

Let’s send birthday wishes and be part of Koyama’s magical and special day that happens only once a year!

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