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Masumasu Radio to be renewed this April to Masumaru Radio and New KoyaShige TV Show

It was announced at the end of Mar 24th's episode of "Masumasu Radio" that the programme will be renewed to "Masuda Takahisa・Nakamaru Yuichi no Masumaru Radio" from April onwards. As the title suggests, KAT-TUN's Nakamaru will be added to the programme as a new regular and host the programme together with Massu and Sakura.

Sakura said she's looking forward to seeing how Massu and Nakamaru interact, and mentioned that since she's the same age as Nakamaru so it's going to be 2 against 1. Massu said they shouldn't gang up against him just because they're older, because he's the one who's been on the programme the longest. (M: It's such a pain to have someone older joining in later. Maybe we should have added a junior instead.)

The official twitter account as well as the official website for the programme are up, do follow it for the latest details on the programme! The programme also has a new email address for requests etc.

Finally, to the current listeners of Masumasu Radio, the good news is Massu said he wants to continue doing that "aru~ aru~♪" thing at the end even when it becomes Masumaru Radio because he doesn't want to lose this funny bit the two of them has built up between them :D

Then on the Mar 26th episode of “NEWS Na Futari”, it was confirmed that it was the final episode and that the show would be ending after roughly five years. However, it will be replaced by a new show called “NEWS no Zenryoku! Making” also starring Koyama and Shige which will air at 12:50am on Friday nights starting on Apr 30th.

“NEWS no Zenryoku! Making” is a DIY show in which Koyama and Shige along with guests will be challenging themselves to make things from zero.

The official twitter account for NnF tweeted their gratitude to the viewers in a handwritten note (the first letter from each sentence combines to form "Koyashige arigatou" - Thank you Koyashige) and in another tweet also thanked the viewers for getting the show trending on twitter for the last episode.

They also promoted the official twitter account for “NEWS no Zenryoku! Making” and encouraged everyone to follow. The new show also has an official IG account and website as well.

Koyama’s Comment:

It’s always exciting to be involved in beginning a new program. I believe that it’s truly creating the relationship with fans and with the staff from zero, so I’m looking forward to it. Recently, I’ve been watching DIY videos by people like Tokoro George and Hiromi on YouTube and the garages there looked so cool I was jealous and I thought that it’d be really fun to have one at home. But, in order to enjoy DIY you have to have technique as well. I want to improve starting from the point of understanding the value of tools, like “They’ve also prepared this kind of thing on set!” I have a cat at home so I’d like to make a cat tower or a catwalk. lol

Shige’s Comment:

It’s a program where we make things, and we’re going to be building the program itself from zero as well. There are parts I’m having trouble imagining, but I think because of that there’s also a lot of potential there so I’m looking forward to it.

We’ll be going to a garage like set every time for filming, so I think it’ll end up feeling like another home for us. I think the place itself will also grow with the program, so I hope everyone can enjoy seeing how it changes. Once my DIY skills improve, I’d like to make a kitchen shelf or tableware or a vase out of glass.

- - -

Some additional recent updates:

  • The STORY tour has successfully begun at Yokohama Arena on Mar 25th and 26th. New dates for the cancelled Hokkaido shows have also been anounced as May 15th and 16th.

  • NEWS FC members should have received an email on Mar 26th about the "NEWS 2021-2022 CALENDAR". In place of the calendars that are sold as tour merchandise every year, they have come up digital calendars that can be downloaded and used as screensavers on mobile phones. The calendar will be sold at JPY 300 per season, with 4 images per season (1 x 3 images for each month + 1 extra image that can be used throughout the year). FC members can log in from now till June 25th to purchase the Spring images.

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