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STORY stream details + some recent updates

STORY live stream

  • Tickets to the live stream are on sale from now till May 23rd at 18:00 JST at Johnny's net online.

  • A recap of the details: May 23 (Sun) 17:30 JST onwards, ticket prices: NEWS FC - JPY 4,500 // Other JFC - JPY 5,000 // Non-FC members: JPY 5,500.

  • There will be no archive for this live stream, so free up your calendars if you'd like to watch the concert!

  • Please refer to this post on previous live streams for a simple guide to purchasing tickets.

  • The second round of merchandise sales for the STORY tour are also still on sale at Johnny's Shop Online till Jun 15, so head over to get yours if you're interested in getting some (or more).

  • Relatedly, at the time of this post, it seems the Fukuoka shows (May 1-2) will not be affected by the latest SoE (refer to next point).

Modern Boys (Shige)

  • Those following the COVID situation in Japan may know that a third State of Emergency has been announced for Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo and Kyoto. It started on Apr 25 and is expected to end on May 11.

  • The Osaka shows for "Modern Boys" happen to fall within this period (Apr 28 - 30) and PARCO Stage, the organiser for "Modern Boys", announced the cancellation of these shows on Apr 26.

  • Details of ticket refunds etc. will be announced once they have been finalised.

NEWS no zenryoku!! making (KoyaShige)

  • "NEWS na futari" ended its run of about 5.5 years on Mar 26, and it was announced that KoyaShige will be hosting a new programme at the same time slot.

  • Titled "NEWS no zenryoku!! making", it's going to be a DIY programme where they create something from scratch with a guest on each episode. More on the programme on our previous entry here.

  • The first episode airs this Friday Apr 30 at 24:50 JST, and the guest has been announced to be Daigo from comedian duo Chidori. (Trivia: the other half of Chidori is Nobu, who works with Massu on "Gurunai")

  • The teaser footage, along with previews of Ep 1 and a special interview are all up at the show's official YouTube account. Other official socials etc.: Twittter, Instagram, website.

Minna no uta

  • NEWS will be appearing on NHK's music programme SP, "Minna no Uta 60" on May 8 19:30 - 20:43 JST.

  • The programme will be hosted by V6's Innochi and NHK announcer Hayashida Risa.

Portrait Series

  • Johnny's Shop has launched a "Portrait Series" for their groups, and sales for the groups are broken up into 3 batches.

  • NEWS' will go on sale in batch 2 on May 10th, and previews of their merchandise are up here. Either navigate the carousel (NEWS is at the fourth one), click on NEWS at the top (PC version), or select NEWS from the hamburger menu (mobile version) to see the full previews.

  • NEWS will be releasing the following: photo album, mini clear file (2 in a set), note pad, sticker flakes, original photos.

  • Common product across all groups: refill set (photo sleeves/paper)

  • These will be available for purchase on Johnny's online store.

As always, to keep updated about their TV appearances, refer to our calendar here.
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