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Massu to reprise his role as Ishikawa Tooru in "Voice II"

It was announced on May 20 that Massu will be reprising his role as Ishikawa Tooru in "Voice II", the sequel to "Voice 110 Kinkyu Shireishitsu" (2019). Cast comments below.

Karasawa Toshiaki:
I thought it’d be nice to have the same members if we were going to have the same sequel. Since “Voice" Massu has participated in many works and gained a lot of experience, so I think we’ll be able to see a Tooru different from 2 years ago. I’m looking forward to spending a passionate summer together.

Maki Yoko:
In the previous instalment, he was someone who’s stoic despite his busy schedule, putting in his all to create a physique suitable for the role.That inspired me each time we filmed. I'm looking forward to working together.

When I heard about this, I couldn’t help but go, “Oohhh! Yay!”. This is because I’ve heard that the producer wanted to do a sequel 2 years ago and have always believed that there will be one. Now, I’m filled to the brim with happiness, thinking, it’s finally here!
Meeting Karasawa Toshiaki-san 2 years ago was huge to me, and he takes care of me even in private. I intend to do my best for aniki and “Voice” this time too!
Now, how has the guilt within Ishikawa Tooru changed over 2 years?
I hope to play a kind yet strong Too-chan while being conscious of the changes in his mentality.
I’m just really happy that a drama I love managed to get a sequel.
I hope to be able to work on it while also enjoying the drama along with the viewers, holding my breath each episode.


Official digital media: Website, Twitter, Instagram

Congrats, Massu!!!
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