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Shige's "Nigatsu no Shousha" to air this October


It was announced on May 21 that “Nigatsu no Shousha”, the NTV drama that Shige is cast in, will start airing this October. It was previously scheduled to start Summer 2020, but got postponed due to COVID-19. The drama will air at the Saturday 10pm slot, after “Voice II”, which means we’ll be seeing NEWS members for 2 consecutive seasons at the same slot.

Shige’s comments on the telecast:

On the finalisation of the broadcast date
Not being able to do much filming over the past year has made me really anxious.
However, reading the new releases of the original work the drama is based on has made me even happier about getting to be part of this drama. I’m really excited that this project is finally kicking off.
I hope to be able to put all my feelings so far into my role as Haitani.

What he looks forward to with regard to his co-stars
The feelings of anticipation about working together with Yagira-san and Inoue-san have grown even more.
The characters we play are supposed to be in conflict, so I hope we’ll be able to create an air of tension that’s unique to this cast.

Message to the viewers
A lot of us are probably tired of this life where we can’t tell what’s ahead, so I hope watching the students doing their best to prepare for their exams, and the family and teachers supporting them can bring some form of encouragement to the viewers. I’ll put all of my heart into my performance, so as to make 10pm on Saturdays an enjoyable time for both the students preparing for entrance exams, as well as the rest of the viewers.


Official digital media presence: Website, Twitter, Instagram

For more about the drama, please refer to our previous post here.
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