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Shige to appear in TV Tokyo Drama SP "Byouin no Naoshikata"

It was announced on Jun 26 that Shige will be appearing in TV Tokyo’s drama SP, “Byouin no Naoshikata ~Special~”

“Byouin no Naoshikata” was first aired during the Winter 2020 season, and stars Koizumi Kotaro as Arihara Shuhei. The medical drama returns as a drama SP this summer, and this time, it will be focussing on the COVID-19 situation, as well as the 2025 problem. This SP airs Jul 26, 8pm - 9:54 pm JST.

Shige joins the cast in the SP as Natsume Sho (not 100% sure about the reading of the name as only the kanji is provided), an internal medicine doctor who recently joined Arihara Hospital.

Shige’s comments:
It’s a great honour for me to be able to participate in a drama that managed to come back as a SP drama because of its popularity. As a doctor, Natsume began to place more emphasis on “this is the kind of doctor I want to become”, rather than “saving people”. This change in focus is something probably everyone has experienced before, and it’s dangerous how when chasing your dreams, your goals and objectives change. While thinking of what the “right” thing is for doctors, I also took the chance to reflect upon myself.


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