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Some recent updates

Sharing some updates from the past week.

“Sen, shoku” stream
There will be a stream of “Sen, shoku” this Friday, Jul 9 from 7pm JST onwards. An archive version will be available for viewing till Jul 11, 11:59pm JST.
Tickets are on sale at Johnny’s net online from now till 9:00pm JST on Jul 11. Prices are the same for both FC and non-FC members at JPY 3,500 each, but FC members will be able to view a special video after the play.
“Sen, shoku” is a theatre adaptation of one of the short stories in Shige’s short story collection, “Kasa wo motanai aritachi wa”. It’s Shige’s first attempt at writing a play script. The play was originally scheduled to run in 2020, but got delayed to this June due to COVID-19.
For more information about the play, refer to our previous entry here.

NEWS to provide the opening theme to the second season of “Yashahime”
It was announced on Jun 30, the day of “BURN” release, that NEWS will be providing the opening theme to the second season of “Yashashime: Princess Half-Demon”. The second season will air from Oct 2 (Sat) 5:30pm JST onwards, on NTV networks.
In the comment Koyama provided, he shared his comments on the last episode of Season 1, and expressed gratitude at being able to provide the OP for Season 2 again.
It is unclear from the announcement if the anime series will be continuing to use “BURN” or if a new song will be provided, so let’s wait for more information to find out.

“BURN” comes in first for Oricon weekly charts
NEWS’ latest single, “BURN”, sold 148,000 copies in its first week, placing them first on Oricon’s weekly charts for singles. This is the group’s 27th consecutive no. 1 single since their major single, “Kibou ~Yell~”.

Congrats NEWS, we’re so proud of you!
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