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Rerun of musical "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying"

It was announced on Sep 4 that there will be a rerun of “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying”, the musical that Massu starred in last year. It will run from Nov 20 to Dec 7 at the Tokyo Theatre Orb, and from Dec 14 to 16 at the Osaka Orix Theatre.

The cast looks pretty much to be the same cast from last year, with some changes - such as Yuduki Fuuka replacing Sasemoto Rena as Rosemary, Finch’s love interest, for instance. Another notable addition to the cast is Kurosu Hirotsugu as Bratt, as Kurosu has worked with Massu on “Only You ~Bokura no ROMEO & JULIET~” previously.

Massu’s comment:
I feel very happy and blessed about the rerun.
The role that I play, Finch, has been acted and loved by lots of people in the previous versions performed so far, including the film version. I wondered how it would be like to play a role like this (that has had so many versions before). In the previous run, I think I managed to create my own version of Finch bit by bit, through the atmosphere the fellow cast members created at rehearsals, and the various things that I absorbed over time, like the songs and dances. Finch is a cheerful and straightforward person, that is not going to change, but since this is going to be a rerun, I could take a different approach (to the role). There are new additional members this time, so I hope to be able to do my best to make use of all that I’ve learnt from the previous run. It’s a powerful work that requires giving all our energy, so the energy at rehearsals with the rest of the cast is amazing.
This time, Finch also has to work his way up the company as best as he can, so every performance will be a battle. Please come join us at the theatre if you can.

Official Site

Congrats Massu!!!
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