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Recent Updates On Koyama's Work

Here’s a short update on recent announcements on Koyama’s work!

1) New Regular Programme: “Uchimura no Tsuboru Douga”

It was announced on Oct 19 that Koyama will be joining Uchimura Teruyoshi and Kondo Haruna as a new regular MC for “Uchimura no Tsuboru Douga” (TV Tokyo). A programme that airs about once a month, it introduces videos that’ve gone viral worldwide, as well as attempts to create the programme’s very own original viral videos (uploaded onto YouTube here).

Koyama’s first appearance on the programme will be on Nov 3, 6:25pm JST.

2) Appearance on “Yonchan TV”’s special elections programme

It was announced on Oct 28 that Koyama will be appearing in a special edition of “Yonchan TV” on Oct 31. This SP, which begins at 7:57pm JST on voting day, covers the 2021 Japanese General Elections. Koyama will be covering a certain big name politician in the programme.

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