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[trans] Myojo 2007-06 Shige

Wish they had the other guys do this analysis, too! :)
Katô Shigeaki
Psychological analysis from observing the other members
What does NEWS' hidden side look like?

Mysterious Yamashita-kun
Yamashita-kun often behaves mysteriously. When we eat catering food, he takes the spices which are meant for everyone back to his own seat, leaves his face lotion lying around without its cap, leaves the door of the car open. Since he is someone who can become completely engrossed in something he is doing, I guess he forgets about his surroundings. He usually doesn't talk much (except after muscle training, then he's a blabbermouth). Even when he's together with all of us, he doesn't listen. *laughs* I recommend saying "Nee, Yamashita-kun" before you start talking to him, to be sure that he's listening.

Koyama who is identical(?) to me
Koyama and I often have the same kind of sense. Once we backdanced for the Kinki Kids during Music Station, and there something happened that we both call a miracle even now! At that day, the choreography got changed directly before the performance, but I ended up doing the old choreography... Then, when I checked the VTR afterwards, Koyama had made exactly the same mistake! At that moment, the camera was focussed only on Koyama and me, so the viewers didn't even realize there had been a mistake... But I'm not as dumb as he is. Recently, I said to him, "Don't behave like a panda trying to attract an audience!", but he didn't get what I was saying and asked, "Why? Because I'm wearing all black?" A panda is not even all black!
That was a doubly disappointing Koyama...

Tegoshi who's going his own way
Speaking of Tegoshi, he's always making these big statements. That's proof that he really doesn't care what other people think about him, ne. Sometimes he tells me, "Shige, you've become cool!", and while I'm happy about that, Tegoshi isn't my senpai and also not my family, "why do I have to be told something like that by him?", I get this complicated feeling. *laughs*

Massu who's conjunctions are often wrong
Massu often inserts meaningless fill words or conjunctions into his speech. Maybe this is because of his radio personality. I'm the same, so I understand that very well. If you're on air, you feel anxious if you don't say anything, so you quickly end up saying things like "Eeeetto.." or "Anoooo...".

Nishikido-kun who carefully considers
Since I don't know what Nishikido-kun is really like, this analysis is hard! For example during concert MCs, there are days when he talks and talks, and other days when he doesn't say anything at all. Even though he can be like that, he is someone who considers things carefully, someone who thinks about a lot of things. Apart from that, I just don't get when he is being earnest and when he jokes. At the time when we were rehearsing for the concerts, he said to me with a half-smile, "Shige, let's have something to eat afterwards!" I didn't know if we'd really go, but I made time just in case. But then Nishikido-kun ate Chinese takeout to his heart's content. *laughs* Yeah, he's really difficult to analyze...
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