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Scan + Translation from a Chinese article

I've never posted in this community before so I hope I'm not violating any rules with this post. There's an article on Code Blue this past Sunday in a Chinese newspaper and I've taken the liberty of scanning it and doing a rough translation of it. I've looked a couple days back and this doesn't seem to have been posted anywhere yet, but I apologize if I have overlooked and the article has been talked about already. Please note that the translation is not perfect and it may contain some grammatical errors, though I hope it's nothing major. Also, I'm not really sure about the credibility of the newspaper so the contents of the article may not be entirely true. I'm just posting it for your information (and for the sake of contributing a little...).

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YamaPi's new hairstyle <3

I was watching Tackey & Tsubasa's recent apperance on Utaban and this pic with Yamapi caught my eye. I just couldn't resist screencapping it's cuteness... ^__^

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I just love how he's with his senpais..........I really like his hair I think it's cool and HOT... <3 <3 It kinda reminds me of when Matsujun had those white streaks in his hair. What do you guys think ?
Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru

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I just decided to post some pictures of NewS with Golf & Mike just so that people don't think that Yamapi or JE are totally oblivious to Golf & Mike

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Again i could be wrong but i am just making assumptions here don't kill me if im wrong >__>