[Fan Project] Worldista Tour International Uchiwa Project


We will be hosting another uchiwa project for this years WORLDISTA Tour.

If you'd like to add your flag or want more information please click the picture above.

Please note: All entries must be recieved by February 21.
Sorry for the short timeline.

We hope you can enjoy this project with us again ^^
(pictured are the uchiwas of the previous 4 projects)

[WORLDISTA Tour 2019] Looking for Tickets to Osaka

Hi lovely Paanas!

I am not sure if I posted this one correctly, I hope I did so this doesn't get deleted. 

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am Jenpi from the Philippines. As the title says, yes, I am looking for someone who has 2 extra tickets for any of the Osaka shows (preferrable 5/5 PM show).

I just joined the FC this year after being a fan for 12 years and also my first time to ballot for their concert. My friend and I balloted for 2 tickets but both of us didn't hit. :'( so now, we are looking for spare tickets for the show. I am really looking forward to finally see NEWS in flesh.  Please.. if someone here has 2 extra tickets, or knows someone who is selling theirs.. please please help us! Also if you have any suggestions where we could legally buy at sane prices ofc.

I am also curious if NEWS will still have more shows by fall or winter ...

Thank you!!